Privacy Policy Quick Summary
We know you care about your information and how it is used. And we also know and respect your right to privacy at the same time. Below is a quick punch list of our policies, with more detailed explanations below that.

Encrypted Cookies and Active X Controls
We have tried hard to develop web sites that don’t use cookies. But over time, we have found that cookies are inevitable.
We use cookies to track individual user sessions. Without whats called a session cookie, were not able to establish invidual shopping carts for each user.
We also place a cookie on your system as well. This stores your user name, email address and the date the cookie was made. But our cookies are different than other cookies because they are encrypted with and locked down with a secret pass phrase that we only know. This keeps you and others from being able to read the cookie file.
We do not use Active X controls.But I must warn you, that does have plans to use Active X Controls in the future. These Active X controls planned for the future are for special features. These special features are also used to enhance your experience on the internet.
Electronic Information from the Internet
We track and record your ip address, hostname and Internet service provider for the purpose of our internal security programs. We use this information for the purpose of keeping this site secured, and being able to follow an electronic trail back to any suspected criminal activity against this site.

Your E-mail Address
We store your e-mail address in a database, in case something is wrong with your order, and we can’t reach you by phone. Later on, we may ask if you would like to receive e-mail notification of specials.

Your User Input from Keyboard / Mouse
We track and store all information you input into this site for internal use only. This enables us to provide you with the products and services that have value, and to eliminate the ones that no one has interest in, or are poorly made and designed. This gives us the power to deliver high quality products and services that provide value and functionality.